Father In Law is Famous?! Or Infamous?!

John R. with a big grin

John R. with a big grin

Here is a recent photo of my FIL.  It was taken during the Christmas holidays.  He’s a bit of a quirky guy, with a wide range of interests.  He is pleased that his research is now available on the Internet, thanks to his daughter and her beloved who toiled away the hours of Christmas week setting up his website.

Despite his new fame, FIL manages to stay somewhat humble (not in small part thanks to MIL, herself a wonderful individual).  When he is not reading history, doing crosswords, or following the St Louis Cardinals, he makes time to write a few lines of poetry.

One of the things FIL and I enjoy doing together is shopping for food.  When DH and I go visit his parents, I often do a bit of cooking, so I like to take FIL with me when I go to buy produce, proteins, and other peculiar comestibles.  Occasionally, he has been known to enlist the help of store clerks to yank my chain on these episodes, but that’s fair, I guess, since I take joy in knocking his socks off by introducing him to things he’d not dreamed were available in central Illinois. (How could we forget the white asparagus incident? Or quinoa? Or being soaked to the bone at the Saturday Farmer’s Market?)

So, this very morning, when I opened my email, I found our jaunts immortalized like this:

Haiku Tours

Cruise foodie fun spots

Kroger–Jewel–or choose Schnucks

Sail isles of Meijers

I am very touched. Thanks, John.

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