For the Bride

An Apron for A

An Apron for A

One of DH’s best friends from childhood is getting married soon.   The gift we’ve assembled for him and his bride is similar to the one we gave R&H this past summer.

  • an enameled cast iron Dutch oven
  • a box of kosher salt
  • some recipes that use a Dutch oven  (like this, this, and this)
  • an apron for her (pictured above)
  • an apron for him (shown here)

As usual, we are going off-registry with our gift, but I am hoping the couple finds this gift useful.  The recipes are ones that we use often, and the Dutch oven is a very versatile and durable cooking tool.  I don’t know about the cooking skills of either person in the pair, but I hope this will encourage them to cook for each other, and cook together.

I’ve had a lot of fun compiling the recipes, making the aprons, and building up the package, with the two of them in mind.  I hope the personal nature of the present comes through.

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