Jo’s Fracture Quilt

This week at our Friendship Circle meeting, we got to see Jo’s fracture quilt completed.  Thanks to Mary for taking this photo for me, as I forgot my camera.  DOH!

Jos Fracture Quilt

Jo's Fracture Quilt

Jo took the original photograph for her quilt in her garden.  We didn’t really know what the background was, as she brought a black & white photo, and said  that the ground was covered with “chips” or “mulch”, or some other not very descriptive phrase, so that we wouldn’t be too literal. I like the fact that there are different backgrounds, and yet, the fractured flowers all come together as foreground anyway.

We also discussed options for a group project this year, and it looks like we’re going for something a bit simpler, partly because the group is growing, and partly because of the time commitments the fractures took  (“You panic for the first week, then you start to get some ideas, then you have to go buy fabric, and finally do what came into your head…. it can be pressure!”)  Ok. that’s a combination of many comments into one big sentence, but it COULD have been a quote.

I still think this group is GREAT.

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