What do I call this? It’s a Mystery… quilt.

My 2009 WAQG Mystery Workshop Quilt, in progress

My 2009 WAQG Mystery Workshop Quilt, in progress

Here’s what I did today.   This piece is 22 inches square, unfinished.  Yes, the blocks are itty bitty. The green border is 3/8 of an inch wide.  The orange squares are 1 inch.

Each winter, Sue M, a member of  our local quilt guild, puts on a Mystery Quilt workshop.  We gather with our tools, irons, sewing machines, and a collection of fabrics that fit general guidelines.  Sue provides us with separate steps (cut Y pieces of Fabric A, size G by H)  on paper, and by the time you reach the last step, you have parts that can be made into a quilt.

(Lilly Hansen’s baby quilt was the result of last year’s workshop)

Sue, who is a small woman by stature, is also famous for making quilts with tiny pieces.  This year, she promised a small quilt from this workshop, after a few years at larger formats.  There was one section of the mystery that I ended up editing out of the end result, and trust me, those pieces were SMALL.  I edited them out more due to their color than their size- it was a dark purple that was fighting with the blue.

I don’t have plans for this piece once it is finished, but it might make a good gift for someone.  Like it?

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2 Responses to What do I call this? It’s a Mystery… quilt.

  1. MOM says:

    Finished with a light weight backing, no batting, and minimal quilting, this would be a pretty scarf. A little heavier, it would top a small stand or one of those round lamp tables. Why not hang it on a wall in a small room? (Dare I suggest a bathroom?)

  2. admin says:

    Hi, MOM… glad to have you among the commenters! I’ve decided to hand quilt this one, and it will likely go on a wall somewhere. Just a question of where…

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