Candy’s Fracture

Candys Fracture

Candy's Fracture

Here’s one of the smaller fracture quilts we did as a group.  Candy came up with this image based on a photograph of some relatives.  From what I remember, each of our pieces was about 12-14 inches long, and between 5 and 8 inches tall.  We all had a good laugh when we realized that her cousin’s head was separated from her body when the picture was fractured.  I was the one who got her head, while Kathy got her body.  I made the head, but left it as a separate piece to fuse on, since I didn’t want to put it in the wrong spot.

Candy sent me this photo this morning, and I’m pleased to see the head lines up with the body.

As you can see,  there were lots of ways that we approached the leaves and branches.  In the detail shot below, I tried to capture some of the different ways we did this.  (It’s a cropped section of Candy’s original photo)

Closeup of detail in Candys Fracture

Closeup of detail in Candy's Fracture

You can see that Candy has couched on some thread for the gunwales of the canoe, and you can see that we used different approaches to representing leaves.  This shot shows how five different sections came together, and you can see piecing, applique, and lots of leaf treatments.  I used colored netting to hold my leaf snippets down, and then I used stitching in green thread to hold them in place. (not pictured)
Beautiful, Candy!

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