Candy’s Projects – WAQG Retreat 2009

Here are some pictures of what Candy was working on during the retreat.   You can see more of her work here.  Candy absolutely hates to have her picture taken, preferring to be on the other side of the camera.  She does not, however, mind if we take pictures of what she makes.

Candy enjoys a lot of different techniques in sewing and quilting, and particularly likes hand applique and embroidery.  She’s pretty fearless when it comes to trying new techniques, and is always up for a challenge.  I’m not sure I could pinpoint a signature style in Candy’s work, as she likes to try lots of different things, and varies her color palette from piece to piece.

Candys Geranium Quilt

Candy's Geranium Quilt

Here is a quilt that Candy had started on a previous WAQG retreat.  Orange is an unusual color for Candy, but I think her use of the different orange batiks is an example of how fearless she can be to go outside her comfort zone.  This quilt is pieced, and then the geraniums are added by machine applique.  (Candy’s very good at traditional applique, so this was a conscious choice to do otherwise.  Below is a closeup view of the applique and quilting.  For those who are less knowledgeable about flora and fauna (real or stylized), Candy machine quilted the leaves with the distinctive veining of geraniums.

Closeup of Geraniums

Closeup of Geraniums

In the upper right of this picture you can see that she repeated the “veins” of the leaves in the rest of her quilting in this area.  Pretty impressive to me, who really can only meander in my machine quilting.   I believe Candy intended to add some beading to the quilt as well, but I’m not sure whether that happened in the course of the weekend.

Candy worked on two other projects.  One is a Spring/Easter themed wall hanging, with bunnies and carrots, with machine piecing and fusible applique.  There will also be embellishments, and possibly embroidery, for the centers of the flowers, the eyes of the rabbits, etc.

Candys Bunnies

Candy's Bunnies

And another detail shot:

Closeup of Piecing and Applique

Closeup of Piecing and Applique

In case you haven’t noticed,  Candy likes doing hand work, and mixing techniques in a single piece.  She was also working on a little wool placemat that you can use for a cupcake to celebrate a birthday.  This will also have beading and embroidery on it when it’s complete.   This mat is approximately 6 inches in diameter.

Candys Wool Cake Mat, in Progress

Candy's Wool Cake Mat, in Progress

Isn’t this cute?  It would be perfect for a surprise for a co-worker, or if you don’t want to have a whole cake around at home when you celebrate birthdays.

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