Deb’s Baby Quilt – WAQG Retreat 2009

This weekend was our guild’s annual quilt retreat in Frontenac, MN.  We all arrived on Friday afternoon, and stayed until Sunday- morning for some, afternoon for others.  Again, I am reminded what a great group of people I know, and how much fun it is for us to be together with lots of unstructured time for sewing, eating, and being together in a great place.  I have a lot of pictures and stories I could tell from this trip, so I am going to spread them out in more than one post.

When I first met Deb, her voice seemed quiet (compared to my loud one), and a bit reserved.  I am pleased to say that her work is not.  🙂

Deb spent a lot of the weekend working on a baby quilt.  I did not get the details as to whom it was for (perhaps a relative?), but I will beg her for details when I next see her, so I can keep my readers up to date.  (Or maybe you can inform me????)

Here’s a photo I took early on in the retreat, possibly on Saturday morning.

Debs Block Pieces Cut

Deb's Block Pieces Cut

After a few hours elapsed, we now can see Deb’s blocks, along with a shot of the pattern in a magazine.  I’m sorry, I don’t have a citation for you. (Can  you help here, dear readers?)

Debs Blocks

Deb's Blocks

I think the name of the pattern is Baby’s Breath, but I could be wrong.  If you know of my phobia of complicated block patterns and my fear of bias growth,  you’re certain that this is a quilt I’ll admire from a distance, and it is VERY unlikely to ever grace the pages of this blog as one I will make.

Debs Blocks, Arranged for Sewing

Deb's Blocks, Arranged for Sewing

After another undetermined lapse of time, we see Deb’s blocks have been arranged in a group.  I’m not positive this is the final arrangement.

Deb and her Baby Quilt Top

Deb and her Baby Quilt Top

Here is Deb, with her completed quilt top.  I think the two slim borders resemble a mat when a picture is framed.  This photo was taken around 1:30 on Sunday afternoon.    Great work, Deb!  I hope you had as much fun this weekend as I did.

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One Response to Deb’s Baby Quilt – WAQG Retreat 2009

  1. Kathy says:

    Deb’s quilt was for a little premie (don’t remember if it was a nephew or family firend–sorry) who was only a half pound when he was born and will soon becoming home. The baby welcoming party will take place before his “due date” arrives! He is a very lucky little guy with parents who seem extremely grateful to have him here and healthy.

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