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I feel horribly that I don’t have more photos of each person’s work, or enough to do a whole post for each participant.  But I was doing a little sewing, too.  I’m still working on the “stop and take some pictures” thing.  I usually forget I have a camera.  This is why photojournalism is NOT my career.

Warning - Quilters Working

Warning - Quilters Working

This is a pretty good shot of the room we worked in.  Each person had a large table, and there are lots of windows in this octagonal building.  We had lots of room to spread out and to move blocks around, etc.

Here is one of Nancy’s projects.  Nancy’s got a recognizable style and color palette.

Nancys project, cut

Nancy's project, cut

This was early on Saturday morning, I think.

Nancys project, all pieced

Nancy's project, all pieced

This was probably on Saturday afternoon, possibly Sunday morning.  It takes a good eye to arrange such subtle colors and patterns so that your eye moves all around the piece.  I think Nancy did a very good job placing the yellows, which tend to attract the eye.

The picture below is a close-up, so you can see some of the fabrics better.

Detail of Nancys quilt top

Detail of Nancy's quilt top

For those who like to see process pictures, there were a lot of different kinds of projects being worked on. Here are some of them, in no particular order.

Sandys Pieces Ready for Sewing

Sandy's Pieces Ready for Sewing

Here are Sandy’s cut pieces ready to be assembled together.  Sandy wore a bright purple sweatshirt stating “I’m on a High Fabric Diet”.  She’s got lots of sewing and costuming experience, so we can certainly agree that she gets her fiber fix.

Sues latest black and white adventure

Sue's latest black and white adventure

Sue, who is our doyenne of tiny pieces, bright colors, and high contrast, was working on (another) black and white quilt for her son.  I want to do one of these. I hope she’ll see my imitation as  flattery and not as me being a copycat.

A row of Mary Anns blocks

A row of Mary Ann's blocks

While Mary Ann wasn’t sweating over the repair of an old antique quilt for a dear friend, she did manage to make some *NEW* blocks for a baby quilt.  This is one of four rows.  We saw two rows together before she had to leave.

Bobs GUY quilt in progress

Bob's "GUY" quilt in progress

Here are the blocks arranged for the flannel quilt Kathy was making for her husband, Bob.  This top got pieced together in the course of the weekend, leaving Kathy time to also work on some beautiful machine quilting. (No photo, sorry.)

Melissas Pink Batik Top

Melissa's Pink Batik Top

Here are the Morris sisters, holding up Melissa’s pink and orange batik piece.  She says that this was the result of a couple years of collecting pink and orange batiks.  I’m gobsmacked by all the little pieces in these blocks.  Definitely not a pattern for the block-phobic. (i.e. ME)

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