Foodie Humor

Warning- no real value add by me on this one, but I still hope you like it!

I love the fact that there are people who know how to make video and post them to YouTube, and are using this new media to inform and entertain.   This one was made over a year ago by FreeRange Studios.

I originally saw it on Bob Del Grosso’s A Hunger Artist blog, and got such a kick out of it that I decided I wanted to post it here.

Extra thanks to Vladimir Prelovac for his Plug-In that makes embedding YouTube in WordPress so easy.  🙂

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2 Responses to Foodie Humor

  1. Connie Dretske says:


    This is waaaaayyyy too funny. Thanks for putting it on your blog. I didn’t get a chance to write that I love your Raizl quilt. I got a chance to study the quilting and am so impressed with all of it. You are very talented. Did you get your plant. Collette kept teasing me about taking 2 plants home, but I knew how much you would appreciate having one. Have a great weekend.

  2. admin says:

    Yes, I did get my plant. 🙂 Thanks for thinking of me, and for your kind words.

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