Urban Farming In Normal, IL

FIL and MIL with their replanted Earthbox

FIL and MIL with their replanted Earthbox

This past weekend, DH and I went to Normal, IL to visit his parents, and help them get their Earthbox replanted for the season.  They bought a Better Boy plant (left), and we brought them another Sun Gold cherry tomato plant (right, by MIL), since they enjoyed them last year. They decided that Romas are not their type, and are going for the bigger variety this year.

Doesn’t FIL look pleased with the whole thing?  We tied the cages to the bench from the start this year, so they won’t have to deal with tipsy cages in the wind.  Now that they are experienced with the Earthbox, they’re looking forward to the mass of tomatoes.

In the course of the weekend, we also made another visit to the Bloomington Farmer’s Market, which has a large section devoted to art and musicians, as well as plenty of great seedlings,  free range chickens, and other foodstuffs.

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