Farmer’s Market Update – Chickens and the 4th

July 4th morning, at the Farmers Market

July 4th morning, at the Farmer's Market

I’ve promised an update on our local Farmer’s Market, and here it is.  This all started this morning around 8AM, when Mr. Mike Rupprecht called.  He’s the husband half of Earth Be Glad Farm in Lewiston, MN.  He called to tell me that my chickens were ready, and I could pick them up at the Farmer’s Market (last year we drove over to the farm to pick them up).

After my morning coffee, I got on my shopping bike with my wallet and bags, and rode to the Farmer’s Market.  The picture above shows that the number of vendors has more than doubled since I last documented a visit.

Earth Be Glad Farms Booth

Earth Be Glad Farm's Booth

Here is Johanna Rupprecht, on the left, Mike and Jennifer’s daughter, who helped me out, shortly after I took this photo.  Mike is on the other end of the table, helping many customers.  Jennifer’s arm is visible between them, lifting the freezer lid.   The Rupprechts’ specialty is grass fed beef, but they raise the chickens each year, and Jennifer makes lovely bouquets to sell, too.  Her gardens were one of the real treats of visiting the farm last summer.

I had ordered 8 chickens, but I came home with 10, since Mike said they had a few extras, and not much freezer space.  Most of these chickens are much bigger than what you see in the supermarket- these averaged 6-8 lbs.  We only got 4 last year, and we were really bummed when they were all gone.  Now that we’ve got a big freezer, we may have one left when it gets cold.

We loaded up my bags that I have in my bike basket, Johanna jotted up my total, and I wrote a check.  A colleague of my husband and avid gardener came up to the stand while I was writing, and asked about my baskets..  This is what’s fun about the farmer’s market- friendly interchange.

I got these friends to take a picture of my bike, which was by then rather challenging to balance, with about 80 lbs. of chickens in the baskets.

The Shopping Bike, doing its best work

The Shopping Bike, doing its best work

I did manage to get myself to another booth, run by Shao, who is from La Crosse, WI.

Shao, a vendor from La Crosse, WI

Shao, a vendor from La Crosse, WI

Not only does Shao sell vegetables ( I bought two bunches of garlic scapes), she also makes beautiful bouquets.  Note the price.  Florists should be scared!

Arent these good value?

Aren't these good value?

After the brief ride home, I stuffed all but one of the chickens into the freezer, deciding that Beer Can Chicken would be a perfect 4th of July dinner.

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2 Responses to Farmer’s Market Update – Chickens and the 4th

  1. Connie Dretske says:

    Did the beer can chicken work? We were going to make one, but didn’t have enough room on the grill for a chicken and BBQ ribs.

  2. admin says:

    Beer can chicken is my favorite way to roast chicken now… It’s always tasty, and the skin gets crispy, and it stays nice and moist. You MUST do this… I did blog about it once, but I think it was on the old URL, so I’ll have to do another.

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