Keeping Things Close to the Vest

A Fashion Statement

A Fashion Statement

Anyone who’s known me since 1992 has probably seen me wear a black fleece vest.  I actually lost the Chuck Roast vest two years ago (Boo hoo!), so I have branched out to other vests- even vests that are colored.  Since I had a lot of leftover strips of the batik fabrics from the choir stoles, I made myself a new vest with them, and only had to cut a few small pieces.  The stripes don’t line up, and that’s on PURPOSE.  Really.

I used a pattern, aptly named “The Zip-Up Vest” by Favorite Things, a Canadian company from BC.  Visit their site here.  I made some modifications, doing the crazy piecing on foundations.  I added pockets, since I always need a place for keys/wallet, etc.

I expect I’ll be using this pattern a few more times, since it fits well, and I think I can make several variations with current stash items.  I just need a good supply of separating zippers, and I should be able to add some interest to my monotonous black pants/long sleeved shirt wardrobe staples.

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  1. Der Hausmeister says:

    Come on – fashion AND an IT career? Something’s not right with this picture!

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