Socks! I Knit Socks!

See?  And they even fit my feet!

See? And they even fit my feet!

After the Quilt Guild’s bus trip three or so weeks ago, I found myself with several new projects to work on.  The first I tackled was knitting a pair of socks, using the technique from Melissa Morgan-Oakes’s book, 2-At-A-Time SOCKS, where you knit both socks on a long circular needle, so that you finish both socks at the same time.

The Book That I Am Using- Its Very Good

The Book That I Am Using- It's Very Good

I knew that this was the only way I would ever manage to knit a pair of socks.  Why, you ask?  First, because I like knitting on circular needles, (Easier), and Second (and more importantly), I am impatient, and would likely lose interest if both socks weren’t finished very near the same time.

I learned a few things on this pair, and I’m hoping my second pair will be a little neater where I picked up stitches for the heel gussets, and now that I’ve learned better to deal with such tiny yard on tiny needles.

This pair was on a size 4 40″ circular needle, and was done with 2 balls of wool sock yarn. The color scheme was devised by Kaffe Fassett- could it have  been Rowan yarn???  The pattern is what randomly happened with each ball of yarn, as it is just straight knitting, after the garter stitch for the ribbing.

My next pair will be on a size 1 needle, with a less freaky colored yarn.  We’ll see if there is as freaky a result.

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2 Responses to Socks! I Knit Socks!

  1. ellen severson says:

    i love them!

  2. Lisa S. says:

    Congratulations!!! You are inspiring me to do the same – something on my ‘to do’ list before I die. Love the colors you chose… they remind me of PEZ!!! Enjoy the Holidays!

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