New Entry for Baby – Quilt Gallery

Karis on Colorshock the Cold Away

Karis on Colorshock the Cold Away

Here’s the latest entry for the Baby/Quilt gallery- baby Karis, daughter of Joel and Candie.  (click on the ph0to for a better look at this darling.)  They live in Boston, though they used to live in this area. Karis was born a few days before Christmas.  I’m pleased to hear the quilt (called Colorshock the Cold Away) is in use as Karis’s landing spot as she prepares for life as an active wiggler and athlete.

I brought her photo to our recent Friendship Circle meeting, and she is considered to be remarkably cute.  I hope she becomes a member of Red Sox Nation, like her big sister S.  She’s been born in the right place.

Here is another photo of the quilt in process.  I machine pieced and machine quilted this, using fabrics from my stash.  All cotton batting, fabrics, and thread.

Process Photo of Colorshock the Cold Away

Welcome to winter, Karis!  I hope you’re not a grumpy elf anymore.

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2 Responses to New Entry for Baby – Quilt Gallery

  1. Joel says:

    Thank you! She loves playing on this and is now rolling over at will on this thing. It’s a fantastic mobile play area. Thanks!

  2. Sheila says:

    She is a beauty, and so is that quilt my dear.
    It is appropriately named.

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