New Year, New Skills

Sock Yarn and Mohair Fingerless Gloves for BES

I am pleased to say that I am starting 2010 with not only a new look for Slow and Sew, but also a new skill- knitting thumbs.  I have now made two pairs of fingerless gloves, also known as fingerless mittens, or “texting gloves” or “iPod mittens”.  Evidently they are not just all the rage with open air entrepreneurs, but also with the teenage texting set.  The first pair are destined for over the pond, for my cousin BES, who is living near London.

Worsted Weight Wool and Sparkly Stuff Pair

Here is the pair that I just finished, this first day of 2010.  This pair is made with worsted weight wool, and some more sparkly novelty cuffs.  This are not yet destined for a particular owner.  Want them?  I’ll make this pair available to the first commenter.

Here’s hoping in that Resolution kind of way that I learn more this year than just how to make thumbs in knitwear.  Hopefully the cooking and gardening skills will improve, too.

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2 Responses to New Year, New Skills

  1. Mary Nelson says:

    Please please!! I’d be thrilled to own a hand knit pair of gloves from you Jennifer!

  2. Tiff says:

    These would work well for winter photography sessions too! I always end up taking my gloves off.

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