Archaeology in the Studio

Yes, I’ve got a whole room in our house devoted to my fabric, fiber, and power tools.  Yes, it is one of the least organized rooms of the house.  Much of this is due to the fact that I haven’t had lots of time to spend in it, and I prefer to spend time making stuff, rather than cleaning.  I know that shocks you, dear readers.  Not so much.

As I am preparing to go on a long weekend with WAQG friends, I am doing a little bit of archaeology, uncovering layers of stuff, and seeing what I can find, so I can take a portion of the studio to Frontenac.

These pictures make me more of a candidate for one of those reality shows about hoarders than it does for Pokey Bolton’s  Studios Spring 2010, but it gives you an idea about what kind of archaeology I’ll be doing.

Working in this room really is like archaeology… peeling away a little layer after a little layer, finding fabrics or notions or things that have been with me for many years.  Here’s hoping that with more time to work in here, I’ll figure out the best way to organize things.

So far, in the bag to take on the trip:

  • The vegetable quilt I started on last year’s retreat and have barely worked on
  • black and white fabrics collection for making another vest, or a black & whites quilt, or working on this year’s challenge
  • a few interesting door prize items
  • Building Materials fabrics, for a potential raffle quilt for Habitat for Humanity silent auction
  • Laminated cottons for making waterproof shopping bags

That should keep me busy for most of the weekend, I’d think.  We’ll see.

I expect that Studio Archaeology may be a theme for the next couple months.  Perhaps some organization will ensue?   Stay tuned!

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4 Responses to Archaeology in the Studio

  1. Connie Dretske says:

    Kablam! Good start on the ‘dig’, caped crusader!

  2. admin says:

    Gadzooks! Now I can even see a little more of the floor!

  3. Janet Jonas says:

    archaeological dig in your sister’s stash has produced 16 pillowcases and enough beige/neutral to augment several quilts for endeared male family members. That’s before we get to the B&W or the batik collections…

  4. admin says:

    If you need me to come down and help remove a few layers of batiks or B&Ws, just let me know, Janet.

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