Fun with the Thermapen

The ice just went out in the lake yesterday.  Since it’s warm and sunny today, I went over to check the temperature of the water, just for kicks.  I am wondering how soon I want to bring the boat over, and get on the water (and off the ergometer).   So, with my trusty Thermapen,  I did some pseudoscience:

Air Temperature, 1:15 PM CDT

And then I stuck the probe in the water.  It was only about 2 inches deep, so not a reliable reading really, but at least I didn’t have to wade in.

Water Temp in East Lake, Winona, MN

The water temperature was much warmer than I was expecting, but I’m sure it’s colder where it is deeper.  Perhaps I’ll take the Thermapen with me in the boat?  At least it has a strap I can tie to the hull.

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