Vest, again

When sewing garments, it’s always a wonderful thing when you like a design enough to make it again in different fabrics.  This zip up vest is one of those.  This time, I made it in a smaller size, but with the same method, strip-piecing the outside, and adding patch pockets.  The result is a bit less subtle than the first one, but I’m pleased with the fit, and I think this will be fun to wear with all of my basic black pants and solid color shirts.  I made this while I was on the annual WAQG retreat in Frontenac, MN this weekend.  More on that in another post.

And, the mark of a good garment (IMHO), an interesting lining:

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One Response to Vest, again

  1. Janet Jonas says:

    LOVE the lining. Does it come with a (washable) pen for repeated puzzle solving? I think your mother needs one of these…!

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