Bresaola Update – Tied and Drying

The bresaola is now in its final stage, that of drying slowly.   I took the eyes of round out of their cure bags from the fridge, rinsed them to remove most of the curing spices, then let them sit at room temperature for two hours.

(If you watch them VERY closely… they might move!)

After resting, I tied the roasts, so that they’ll be rounder eyes of round, and I wrapped them in (unbleached) cheesecloth.

Finally, I hung them in our basement, which just happens to be 60 degrees F, and 70% humidity, according to the temperature/humidity meter I got at the hardware store.  I am pleasantly surprised that my basement’s environment happens to fit the recipe so well.  The beef will hang for another three weeks, at which time I will need to finagle the use of a slicer, so we can have tastings.

Anyone have any suggestions?  Know of someone with a slicer that I should invite to the tasting party?  Know where I can get one that’s good for not too much money?

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