Bresaola Update

Now that the beef for bresaola has been curing for a week, this morning I went through the next steps in its process to dry cured deliciousness.  Saving you from the boredom of sanitizing the counter top, let’s move straight to the meat.

Here’s what it looked like, just out of the zipper bag, after I dried off the excess moisture with some paper towels.  I would have drained out any water that was in the bags, but there wasn’t enough to pour off.

Next, I took the remaining rub that I had saved from last week, and rubbed it all over the meat, just like before.  Results, exhibited below.

Then it was back into the zipper bags, and back into the fridge for another week, with planned overhauling every other day.  (Sorry about the glare in the photo- I’ve still got issues with lighting/photography with the stainless steel table.  I’ll work on it.)

This process may have an excitement level about like watching golf on TV, but I look at it as an exercise in patience, which you may know is not one of my strong suits.  I am hoping that the long term result (tasty treats, and new skills) will compensate.   Next week at this time, we’ll move on to the tying and hanging for the dry portion of the dry curing.

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