Do YOU need a Grumpasaurus?

Meet the Grumpasaurus.  I knitted him this past week or so, after seeing him on Ravelry, which is a free site for knitters and crocheters that’s like Facebook, but also has tools for you to keep track of your yarn, needles, hooks, and patterns.  Designers can offer patterns for free, or for a cost, and the site is integrated with PayPal.  You can post pix of your projects, chat with others who like to knit mittens, for example.  If you like to knit and/or crochet, signing up might make your life better.  I like to just browse the patterns occasionally, to see what is new and interesting.

I think the Grumpasaurus might be a perfect desk top indicator of mood, to subtly warn your co-workers, or he might be a good toy to throw at the monitor in disgust, or he might be a fun toy to just needle your friends with.

Do you know anyone who needs a Grumpasaurus?  If so, he goes to the first commenter!

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6 Responses to Do YOU need a Grumpasaurus?

  1. Janet Jonas says:

    Do I need a Grumpasaurus? I think my family would say “absolutely!” He’s the perfect accessory. My family would finally be able to say “Mom! You need to take Mr. Grumpy for a time out” when I’m my ultra-grumpiest-self. Which might be all the time…!

  2. Patty Giles says:

    He looks so perfectly grumpy!
    I definitely need that for my classroom… 🙂

  3. admin says:

    The Grumpasaurus is going to be winging its way eastward. I think that he will soon have a sibling heading east, as well!

  4. Connie Dretske says:

    Oh – he’s so cute! Maybe he needs a smiling sister too . . . .

  5. Patty Giles says:

    The Grumpasaurus has arrived for classroom 8duty.
    Action picts coming soon…
    (Thanks, Jen!!)

  6. admin says:

    Good to hear it got there safely. 🙂 I’m looking forward to pictures.

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