My Quilts are Traveling to a Gallery Show

Thanks to Facebook, I recently re-connected with my best friend from summer camp during my tween years.  We discovered that we both did graduate school at the University of Maine, we are both quilters, and that we share an admiration of the work of Ruth B. McDowell.  Now we share even more than our original interests in drama and skiing.  Even better, A invited me to be in a quilt show at an art gallery in Plymouth, NH that she’s involved with.  She also invited my sister J (in Virginia) to participate.    This week, I’ve been adding labels (nothing like the last minute!) and a sleeve to the smaller of the two quilts.

This morning I mailed out Japanese Gardens II (above) and Ruth said “Let us Quilt.” (below).  They should arrive at A’s on Monday, in time for the show to be hung on April 30th.  A will be sending more promotion information shortly, so I’ll pass along more show details, if any of my adoring fans will be in or around Plymouth, NH this spring.

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One Response to My Quilts are Traveling to a Gallery Show

  1. Janet says:

    Good for you to get all that done… mine went without either a label OR a sleeve… I trust A is flexible!

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