The Cured Meat Season Has Begun

I have been doing a little organizing of thoughts and ingredients lately, and I’ve decided now is the time to start curing some meat, if for no other reason than to have good host/hostess gifts for later in the summer.  This has been a long term goal of mine for a couple years, and I’ve been reading up, and screwing up my courage for doing some dry curing, which is a bit more involved than the bacon and pancetta I’ve made in the past.

This morning I went to my local butcher and ordered the following:

  • 2 eye of round roasts of beef
  • 2 pig jowls
  • 5 lbs of pork back fat
  • 15 lbs of  boneless pork shoulder

The beef is destined for bresaola, the jowls for guanciale, the back fat and shoulder will be for sausages and salame.   Since all of these will have different curing durations, it will be an interesting spring.

Now off to Butcher & Packer or Allied Kenko for the extras needed.  Trust me, there will be more on this, including photos.

Who wants to be on the quality control tasting list?

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