Third Annual EarthBox Extravaganza in Illinois

Our Illinois Urban Farmers

DH and I recently returned from an annual event.  Each spring we visit his parents in central Illinois, and help them plant their EarthBox planter with tomatoes for the summer.  This is tomato season #3 for them.  Longer term readers might remember them from last year, and their system of tying cages to the bench.

This year, they purchased a determinate variety of beefsteak tomato locally, and we brought another Sun Gold cherry tomato plant from Minnesota (an indeterminate variety).  We were a week or two earlier in planting the box than last year, given our freer schedule this summer.  We’re all hoping for good tomato yields and less cold and rain than they experienced last summer.

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One Response to Third Annual EarthBox Extravaganza in Illinois

  1. Mary Nelson says:

    We,ve got tomato growing weather now! I expect my recently planted tomatoes will be growing many inches daily.

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