Cured Meat – Duck Proscuitto

The latest entry in the cured meat marathon is one that, once ingredients are procured, requires VERY LITTLE work, and relatively little time- about 8 days (WAY less than a leg of pork proscuitto).  That said, procuring the ingredients is not as easy for this one, unless you have an inside track with a Chinese butcher, live in the neighborhood of lots of French expats, or if you live near a foie gras producer.  And after you find them, you have to pay for them.  Remember, quality is rarely inexpensive.

Look What I Found!

In my case, (the latter) I found I can occasionally buy duck breasts at a local food co-op.  These come from one of three foie gras producers in the United States, which happens to be in Houston County, Minnesota.   I bought these to have for a special occasion, since my husband loves duck.  They were $18 per pound, but hey, it’s cheaper than flying him to France, eh?  🙂

And I Paid For Them

I took them out of the freezer, and put them in the fridge to thaw.  Once thawed, I removed them from the cryovac bags, rinsed and dried them.  My next step was to get out the second ingredient (kosher salt) and two Pyrex dishes.

Step Two: Put Salt In Pyrex Dishes

Then I placed a duck breast in each Pyrex dish,

Step Three: Put Duck Breasts On Salt

and I covered the duck breasts with more salt.

Step Four: Cover the Duck Breasts With More Salt

I covered the Pyrex dishes with plastic wrap, and put them in the refrigerator.  Tomorrow I will remove the duck from the salt, and add the third ingredient.  More fun to follow.

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  1. Kristina says:

    Ouch! That is pricy, but I love duck. I’ll be really interested to see how this comes out.
    Hmmmm…I need to find a local Chinese butcher…

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