Cured Meat Update – Guanciale

The Cured Guanciale

Remember the pictures of the pig jowls?  Here’s how they looked after they dried.  They lost about 30% of their weight in drying, as would be expected.

Sliced Guanciale, Cross Section

And here’s what the cheek bacon looks like when it’s cut up in cross section.   Do you like the rosy pink hue of the fat?  I think that this stuff will flavor up stews, sauces and braises.  It might even be fabulous fried up with an egg.  I was amazed how dark some of the jowl meat got as it dried,  in comparison to the meaty areas that were surrounded by fat.

I wrapped this up, put it in zipper bags, and it’s now in the freezer, waiting for tasty inspiration.  Anyone want to try some?  Let me know.

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