Quilt In Process – An Adventurous Palate

The quilt top, approximately 41 inches square

For those of you who are sick of the cured meats, and are wondering when I’ll get back to the SEW part of Slow and Sew, here you go.  I’m working on a baby quilt to give as a gift to dear friends who are new grandparents and gourmands.  I know they’ve wanted to have grandchildren for a long time, and they welcomed a new baby boy into their family just weeks ago.  This is a quilt to stay at the grandparents’ house, where I’m sure the grand baby will be introduced to a wide variety of food.

I see this quilt as a simple version of the I Spy quilt concept, and I can just imagine the cute baby sitting on the quilt and learning the names of fruit and veg with his grandfather.

The working title for this quilt is An Adventurous Palate.  Now it’s just down to quilting, binding, and a label.  I was impressed that I had 47 distinct food fabrics in my stash.  Only the bread and cheese fabrics were repeated.

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