Food Systems and Film

I’m still learning new things about food systems, and I’ve been supplementing my reading of books and blogs and periodicals with some documentary films.  The films have been great sources of information about industrial food production and distribution, which I don’t have much experience with.  I’m glad that these documentaries are easily available, whether through PBS broadcasts (as with Food, Inc.), or through rental.  (I’m a Netflix customer, but these films can be found through other outlets.)

So far, I’ve seen the following food related documentaries this year, and they have provided plenty of food for thought, pun intended.  I’m linking to the films’ websites, in case you’d like to view some trailers, view the documentation and bibliography information, or view the editorial comments.

Films I’ve Seen:

Food, Inc.

King Corn

Our Daily Bread

The Garden

Films I Plan to See:


Big River

After a recent program at church by a local cafe owner about her experiences in the local and corporate food systems, I’ve been organizing a list of potential documentaries to show as part of a film/discussion series that might be of interest to the church.  I’ve been watching the documentaries as I go along, where I can so that I might compile a list that shows issues with food production from different perspectives (Consumer, producer, location, age of person, distributor, seller), and that highlights different issues (meat, vegetables, farmland v. real estate development, genetic modifications, pesticide use, working conditions, environmental damage due to farming methods, and so on).

I may eventually go into some detail on the blog about what my impressions of these films are, since they’ve all contributed to my current knowledge, and to my current behavior in my food choices.

If you’ve seen any good documentary films about food that you think might be worth adding to my list, please let me know!  Your opinions matter to me.

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