Fun with New Tools

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time with two new tools in the kitchen- a meat slicer, and a vacuum sealer.   These have allowed me to package slices of the cured meats in a way that is easy for people to use, and also easier to transport than quarter pork bellies, etc.  It’s also made it easier to see what’s what in the freezer.  Bonus all around.

The meat slicer now allows me to make super thin slices of the duck proscuitto, bresaola, and guanciale so that they are melt in the mouth tasty on crostini.  I also get a lot more slices out of a duck breast or pork jowl, and consistent thickness.  Friends with trusted palates mentioned that though we use the same recipe to make bacon, the fact that I have even slices makes it taste better.  I’ll take their word on it.  🙂

Now I just need to come up with some cool labels and the shipping details, and then I can send out Charcuterie Cards at the holidays.  I think that would be fabulous.

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