The Drive-By Gifting

I am terrible at remembering specific important dates (birthdays, holidays, etc.), and getting a gift or letter together to be there on The Big Day, of whatever type it is.  I do, however, like to be generous, and to share food, give gifts, or leave notes of a little happiness when I am thinking of it.  Thus was born one of my favorite activities….. The Drive-By Gifting (DBG).

Usually I express this urge with my friends in town by stopping by, often announced, sometimes not, and dropping off a little something (like a cake, bacon, some flowers, a good chocolate bar, Spanish Cava) etc.  I’ve achieved similar success by using the USPS, or mail order outfits (like Zingermans, or Hubbard Peanut Co.) for friends who are not local.  A DBG is usually greeted with surprise, in a good way, because recipients are rarely expecting gifts, or notoriety.

Try it sometime soon.  You’ll like how it makes you feel to make someone else happy.

Imagine my surprise recently, when I was the recipient of a DBG, and got this cool shirt:

A VGF (Very Good Friend) got this on a recent trip to San Francisco, when he visited the Boccalone stand at the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market, where he says the pig parts are absolutely fabulous, OF COURSE!  Thanks, H!  I wear this with pride.

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