Avoid Other Projects By Knitting

A Better Bucket, in Atlantic Cascade 220

I’ve been working on a mess of knitting lately.  I’m not sure if it is due to procrastination on other projects, or a desire to get holiday presents ready, or just a desire to do something while watching sports on the tube.  I’m collecting a bunch of items to felt, and I’m working on socks in the meantime.

From the Side

Here’s the best of the items I’ve made this month, modeled by Corinna.  It’s A Better Bucket by Amy Swenson, with some other modifications as suggested by other members on Ravelry (more increases on the brim, so it’s wider, etc).

I’ll definitely be making another of these hats, possibly a bit smaller, for Corinna’s mom, and a few others for gifts.  This one is likely to end up on the head of one of my best knitting friends, I hope.

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