Current Quilt Work In Progress

I’m working on a series of quilts with marine themes.  I’m currently working on a piece that is based on a photo I took back in April:

Boats in Dry Dock, Lake City, MN

You may remember my original post about this work here, where I was simplifying the drawing and making freezer paper templates.  Back in the spring, the quilt got to a certain point, and stopped, mostly due to excess heat in the sewing room, among other summer priorities.

Now that I’ve spent more time working on the quilt this month, here are some newer process photos.  First, I spent some time determining how I wanted the sky to look, auditioning fabrics.

Sky fabrics, cut and auditioned, with some boat covers

The little white dots on the blue boat cover are the straight pins I’ve used to pin the fabric pieces to the foam core holding the drawing.

Now I’ve started sewing the auditioned parts together, so that I can assemble the auditioned sections before cutting the rest of the (smaller) templates apart.  This is the part that requires some precision, but is moving along.  The photo below shows how far I’ve gotten on this today.

The masts are emerging as the sewing ensues

Now that I’m sewing in the masts and spreader pieces with the sky, it is a bit easier to recognize the masts.  I’m starting to gain some momentum in the piecing, and it’s coming together a bit better.

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5 Responses to Current Quilt Work In Progress

  1. Hans Madland says:

    I like.

  2. Mary Nelson says:

    Love the colors so far. Perhaps a show at the Marine Art Museum is in your future!

  3. aunt polly says:

    Great composition and I like the choice of sky color to complement the blue boat covers.

  4. polly says:

    Great composition and the sky color complements the blue boat covers.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Thanks, all. You’ll be pleased to see how I’ve moved forward. Quilting plan is still a bit daunting.

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