Sausage Making Fun on Saturday

THAT's a big coil of Sausage, and We Made It

Here are V and T, who came over to my house on Saturday, along with M, to learn to make sausages.  As you can see, the happy couple are impressed that we got from raw ingredients through to this point with all of our fingers and senses of humor intact.

We made ten pounds of breakfast sausage, and another ten pounds of Mexican Chorizo, so each of the three participating households have some of each kind, safely vacuum packed for freezing.

T, V, and M, all grinding away at the Mexican Chorizo mixture

It was great to have two mixers and grinders, and to have smart people to double-check the quantities and measurements.  A little remedial metric lesson was provided, too.  All good stuff.   And, as usual, the same level of middle school silliness and sick jokes came out, so you needn’t feel like we were all serious or anything.  Mmmmm….. sausages. Really good homemade sausages.  Thanks again, to the folks at Ledebuhr’s, and to the Kreidermachers for such great pork.

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