More Attempts at Organizing- A Smaller Bag

Another Bag- a bit less large

After my last attempt at a bag for small supplies ended up in a large shopping bag, I started again, with a little more measuring, a little more drawing, and a little more figuring.  I ended up with a result that is more to the size I was intending, but I hesitate to call  it a design, as there were several opportunities to refactor along the way.  The bag is about 10″ x 10″ x 4″ at the base, widening to 10″ x 10″ x 6″ at the top.  The crazy pieced outside is quilted onto cotton batting.  The lining is cotton.  On the inside, each long side has two pockets, of varied sizes.  The base has two layers of a Pellon foam interfacing (like the trademarked Peltex) ironed together to stiffen the bottom and add structure.

Note the pockets on the long sides.

Here’s how the Suzi organizer (pattern from LazyGirl Designs) fits inside this bag.  There’s room on one end for a water bottle or other large item.

With the Suzi Organizer

I suppose now, I could use this as a purse, but I think it will replace the gift bag I have holding essential sewing machine parts.

I’m fairly happy with how this came out, though I think I would do a few things differently on the next one.  It might be nice for it to have stiffer sides, and more (and deeper) pockets on the inside.

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