More Sewing, More Storage

A new storage opportunity

After making the Suzi organizer, it seemed logical to make another bag, perhaps in which the organizer would fit.  However, the default size for tote bags that I produce appears to be much larger than the average purse, but somewhat smaller than a 25 gallon trash can.  Surprise, surprise, today’s tote bag is very similar in size and shape to this one, though not laminated, and it has lots more pockets on the inside and the outside.  Too large for a purse, but too small for a closet.  Maybe it will be a suitable knitting bag?

Perhaps I should spend some more time thinking about dimensions before making the next one.  I think there would be a nice medium between this bag and the size of the Suzi organizer, particularly for sewing notions that get dragged to retreats, etc.  Will our fearless blogger design a new pattern, or resort to purchasing one?   Stay tuned.

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