Suzi from Lazy Girl Designs

Suzi, from LazyGirl Designs

Here’s this morning’s first successful completion.  I got the pattern from LazyGirl Designs, who make a wide variety of bag/purse/wallet patterns, including the now infamous Wonder Wallet.  This pattern, named Suzi, is for an organizer that is meant to fit inside a bag or purse, so that you can keep your things organized.  Or, alternatively, it could sit on your desk.   This is the smaller of the two sizes in the pattern.  Here’s another view of it with some stuff in it, for size perspective. It’s about 61/2 inches long, 3 inches deep, and 41/2 inches high.

Suzi, filled with sewing supplies

I plan to make a few of these for holiday gifts this year.  Who needs one?

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