Thanks, Tom, for a Great Tool!

A beautifully stable machine. Let's make more Sausages!

I can really appreciate how the creative mind works, and it’s great to be the recipient of something that is well crafted.  When Tom was here learning to make sausages, he saw the need we had to keep the sausage stuffer stable on the counter.  I had known in my head what was needed to solve our stability issue, and could imagine a good solution, but Tom actually DID it.  He took measurements, asked me my requirements, and he went out and built me a lovely red oak surf board that solves the problem.

The man with the plan, who made it happen

This is a great gesture of kindness on Tom’s part, and I’m grateful for his generosity. I will thank him every time I make sausages.  The edges are nicely routed, and the base is finished with spar varnish, so water contact won’t be a problem.  The screws and wing nuts to hold the stuffer down are stainless steel, so they won’t rust.  And it’s pretty, too!

Testing the Solution

Side view, click image to see larger version

This is just in time for holiday sausage making.  Thanks so much, Tom!  There’s bacon in your future!

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