More Progress on Dram Quilt

The business end of the boat, with crew

(Click on the photo for a larger view)

As I look forward to a local retreat, or gathering of WAQG members for a group sewing session next weekend, I’ve been putting together some of the tiniest pieces of my latest Marine Series project, tentatively titled ‘Dram’.  There have been more than a few moments this weekend where I’ve questioned my sanity, and what I was thinking when I did the piecing diagram for this.  I truly hope that all of the detail gives the quilt visual dimension when it is done, and not just a few more lumpy parts that could have been better simplified!

Perhaps a few too many pieces....

Ruth McDowell teaches students that by purposely making lines not match, they are less visually disturbing than by trying to match and missing.  I’m hoping that’s the case, particularly where the woman in red is concerned.  (Sorry, Phyllis!) I was trying to use a seam to visually represent one of the lines of the rigging that goes between the viewer and the crew, going from about shoulder level of the man in the pink shirt, above the waist of the woman in red, and about elbow level of the man in yellow.  Hopefully this will be more visible when the sails and boom are in place, (to the right of the crew, in another section.)

I’m pleased with how much I got done this weekend, given the tininess of the pieces, and the complication of the piecing order.  I will get this one finished.  I will.  Hopefully next weekend, with the WAQG friends!

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