Marine Quilt #3 – A progress report

Note: I realize that this may seem a lot more challenging and exacting than traditional quilt patterns to quilters or other readers who’ve read my whining about block phobia and following patterns in previous posts. But that’s a completely different kind of process and visualization of a quilt, way of choosing fabrics, etc, which is harder for me.  Really.  As weird as that may seem.

This post covers some work over the past month or two that hasn’t been continuous, but it brings the project up to date.  After a couple of marine quilts with boats at a distance, this one is more about a sailor.  Here’s the original photo I’m working from, circa 1994.

The original photo, taken in MA, in 1994After enlarging a tracing of the photo at a copy shop,  I covered the line drawing with tracing paper, so I could fracture the image into sections and shapes with straight lines, so it will be easier to piece.

Fractured and Sectioned (click for larger view)

Then, I covered the fractured tracing with freezer paper to make templates, transferring the lines to the shiny side of the freezer paper.

The next part is to section off the freezer paper, label the sections, and then mark the lines and intersections for piecing hints.  Using highlighter markers, I’ve marked the outside edge, then the larger sections.  Then I took colored pencils to mark intersections and sides that need to match up, numbering the templates generally in their piecing order (within each subsection).  This is what I’m currently working on.

Marked Templates, in detail

Marking the template sections

Here are the three major sections of the template paper. The orange highlighting divides the major seams, and pink highlighting is smaller sections, to make the piecing easier.  Only the top of the three major sections has the detailed marking done.  I’m storing the two I still need to finish taped to the wall, until I have more time to finish the detailed marking  (A small attempt at clutter reduction in the studio).  After I’ve gotten the detailed marking done, the fun part (auditioning fabrics) begins!

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