More on the Faceted Jewels Wedding Quilt

It's starting to look like something... I need to make 17 of these.

Now that I’m back from the holiday weekend, and have another few hours of sewing behind me, I can now say the following:

  1. I’m now on Step 4!  (More on that later).
  2. I took 144 rectangles and 288 squares and made 144 “flying geese” units.
  3. Kate (the bride) got to match the 144 units in pairs, which I sewed together.  (for 72 blocks)
  4. I took 50 more rectangles and 100 more squares and made another 50 flying geese blocks.
  5. I cut a mess of triangles in two sizes.  (Needing 192 background and 90 in dark colors)
  6. I sewed the triangles and made 82 blocks in one size, and 28 blocks in the smaller size, with 14 facing one way, and 14 facing another.

Now that I’m back at home, I am laying out some of the reserved blocks into groupings that will become bigger blocks.  (Step 4!)

More potential big blocks... more colors to play with.

You can see what’s left of the pile of 82 triangle blocks in the foreground.  Here’s how they are tentatively arranged.  My plan is to give them all an assortment of warm and cool colors, mediums and darks.  I’m attempting to also prevent repeating the same fabric in each block, though that may not be completely possible.

So much for random.... the layout of the others (click for larger view)

Oh, and yes, you did read that detail correctly above.  We got to spend the weekend with the Bride, (though not the Groom, who was still out East.) and I’m pleased to say she loves the color palette, and had a lot of fun looking at all the different patterns.  It was great to get her to help in matching up the flying geese blocks (which will appear at a later date), so that the color assortment stayed varied.  I think her involvement and excitement is a good omen.

On a more personal level, I STILL think I can see the bias grow when the triangles are cut, but I seem to have conquered some of my piecing fears.  So far.  Here’s hoping the blocks don’t get wonkier.

Stay tuned….

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2 Responses to More on the Faceted Jewels Wedding Quilt

  1. Mary Nelson says:

    Absolutely Gorgeous! See you are doing it and the results will be awesome. Great that you have the input of the Bride. A gift this large is always more appreciated when the recipient appreciates the amount of work that has gone into it!
    I’m jealous…..I want to sew!

  2. Ingrid says:


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