Marine Series Quilt in Progress

I’ve made some more progress this weekend on the latest in my series of marine themed quilts.  I finished the marking and numbering of the templates, this time taking more care to mark all the intersections, and to use colored pencils, to reduce confusion when I’m piecing the little things back together.

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An attempt to show the marking details - for the face

Re-reading Ruth B. McDowell’s books has been a good exercise.  I am remembering things I’d forgotten about piecing accuracy, and I’ve re-learned some simple steps about marking that will pay off later.  Again, I’ve questioned my sanity in the quantity and teeny size of some of the pieces, but I think they are necessary to get the effect I want.  Famous last words, right?

Fabric Auditions....easy stuff first.

I’ve started to audition fabrics, working with the big (easy) ones first.  Now I’m coming to a point where I have decisions to make…. do I want to change the color palette from my original photo, or do I stick with my original image?  How tanned do I want the person to be?  Northern New England pasty pale, or Coco Chanel’s Riviera bronze? Will the tan factor affect my clothing color choices?  I guess this is the art part, right?   More fun with this to follow.  I promise.


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