Preparing for Coolness… with Wool!

You might think that I’m assuming I’m finally going to be in the IN crowd, but no, , it’s feeling like autumn, and it’s the temperature I’m speaking of.  I’m preparing for a road trip with a fellow knitter to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival coming up, and it’s gotten me back into knitting, and organizing my stash.  Really.

I’m preparing for the holidays (who wants a hand-knit scarf or cowl?) and for cool weather that I know is coming.  I plan to knit a bunch of mittens for donations this winter- they’ll be easy to knit on the bus, and fun to give away, especially since I use them as an excuse to get silly with the color choices.

Batman! Batman! It's going to be a Batman Hat

Here is a photo of a current work in progress… to be a holiday gift for a certain young boy I know who’s into Super Heroes.  I got the pattern by way of ravelry, which was posted by Ann Donovan, a knitting mom of a small boy similarly into Batman and Robin.  You can find her free pattern on her blog, Portable Knitting.  Thanks, Ann, for making this available to us.  It’s even cooler to know that Ann does a lot of knitting while she commutes by bus to work.  Yes… all the cool kids do it!  😉


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