Zippy skippy new projects!

Peas and Spoons Zip Bag

Out and About, by This & That patterns, Fourth & Main fabrics, and yours truly

Saturday was the WAQG annual bus trip shop hop.  I supported local businesses (quilting and yarn shops) in 5 different towns in Minnesota, and I came back with enough raw materials to keep myself busy for the next year, I think.   Today I spent most of the day in the sewing room, digging around through my stashes of stuff,  cutting, sewing, and pressing.  With the exception of about an hour and a half of time spent reviewing the owner’s manual, and testing, retesting, resetting, and attempting to reprogram buttonhole functionality, most of my time spent was creating new things, hoping to get ahead on the gifts for the holidays.

I made several  drawstring project bags for knitting  (thus the time spent with buttonholes, so the drawstrings have a good way to enter and exit).  I still have to find some good cording for the drawstrings.. Wouldn’t want to waste any YARN on that, would I?  Hmmmm… maybe some I-cord?  Another mindless knitting activity for a few bus rides. Might work.  Might not.

Oh, yes.  Back at the finished projects…. I made two zipper bags – one from a kit I bought at Fourth & Main Fabrics in Cannon Falls, MN, a place I’d love to go back to sometime, if I ever use all the stuff I got the first time.  🙂  The kit was for a pattern, the Out & About bag from This & That patterns, which I also got.

A great excuse to use last year's shop hop purchase

My second bag is based on the first bag, though I modified the construction some, so that there are no zig-zag edges visible on the inside, and I made the outsides of one fabric, rather than two.  By digging around in the stash, I found something I bought on LAST year’s shop hop- some lovely ribbon that goes well with the fabrics.

More veg on the inside.


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2 Responses to Zippy skippy new projects!

  1. polly says:

    Nifty little bags made even more attractive by the choice of fabrics. Good use for ‘that’s- a gorgeous- fabric- but- what- would- I -do -with- it?’ that you always come across on shop hops!
    I’ll show these to one of our craft group. She’s mainly a ‘beader’ but we got her hooked into quilting. She likes to make wall hangings, tote bags and small bags like these.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Exactly. There is a lot of great fabric that doesn’t seem to work with my current quilts in progress. And it’s fun to have cool fabrics out and about. I’m using the peas and spoons one now for my current knitting project, for trucking it back and forth on the bus.

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