Marine #3 – More Progress

Here’s what we’re looking at today, almost 24 hrs later.  I’ve decided to remove the long hair, and I’m now working on the shadows on the legs and cockpit.  Thanks for your feedback, readers!  My biggest choice now is the color of the shorts, given that there are lots of different shades of color involved.

More fabric auditions, with a few changes (click for larger image)

And on I go.  Back to cutting and ironing little pieces of fabric.  I’m theoretically leaning toward a dark blue for the shorts, but we’ll see.

Fast forward about four hours, and I’m pretty well done with fabric choices:

Closer, but not quite there.... (click on image for larger version)

There still are a few issues with the color choices, but I’m very close.  The shadows on the legs are still not exactly what I want, but I’m ready to sew some of this together.  I suspect there will be a few more changes as I select fabrics for the final pieces, but it’s time to pick a nice shade of Aurifil and start the piecing.

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