Marine Series #3, Continued

Now that I have gotten my sewing machine back from being serviced, I’ve been spending more time working on my current quilt.  I spent a good deal of time on Sunday dealing with teeny tiny pieces, specifically on the face.  There are a lot of tiny pieces here, but they are essential to getting the key feature on the face, a pair of sunglasses.  I think there are about 30 different pieces just in the section with the sunglasses.

Half of the pair of sunglasses- tiny little templates!

Right now, the woman at the tiller is looks quite pirate-like:

Aye, matey! (click image for larger view)

I’m really going for more of a Jackie Onassis look than Pirates of the Caribbean with the finished piece here, but I’ll admit that I have a way to go.  I’m still undecided on facial features other than the sunglasses.  I think it will depend somewhat on the final balance of color and pattern in the fabrics.

My current challenge (beyond the tiny pieces) is to capture the sunlight and shadow in the cardigan, shorts, and legs.  This really IS the fun part, even if it requires a lot of trial and error.  I am hoping I’ll have enough different values of tan/beige/peach/pink fabrics to get the right look.

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