Finishing Touches

It feels great to be finishing this project, just in time for holiday giving, even though the wedding isn’t until April.  Bringing this for the bride for Christmas seems like a good idea to me.  This way I will get to see at least one of them face to face when it is seen for the first time. The way travel schedules will work out, I unfortunately won’t get to see the groom’s reaction.

The last touch... putting on the label

This timing also allows me to take this to our guild meeting on Monday and possibly get a good picture of it before it is handed over.

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2 Responses to Finishing Touches

  1. quiltaunt says:

    I know the pattern of your quilt is called Faceted Jewels but are you sure about the name you’ve given it?- i.e. ‘family jewels’-“closely guarded assets or secrets” also common slang for a man’s -ahem–blush– private parts?

  2. Jennifer says:

    Well, I figure that If Matthew thought this was OK, I would go with it. After all, Dan has to get used to our senses of humor. Hopefully it won’t translate badly…

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