Sewing up some gifts

I’ve spent some time this weekend doing some sewing, making small gift items.  It’s often hard to find good gifts for women, and particularly for teenage girls.  I have a few family members who fit this description, and I’m trying to make things that would be useful, and would have some appeal due to their function or at least their contents.

I was recently looking for anti-tarnish silver cloth to make bags for some sterling silver items that I have. As I no longer live within walking distance of Denver Fabrics, I did my shopping here on the interwebs.  I was pleased to find that not only is this fabric available for sale, it now comes in very cool colors!   Where I was expecting a boring gray flannel, I was able to buy the anti-tarnish flannel in red and a nice shade of chartreuse.  Alongside anti-tarnish flannel, I was also able to find flannel that is treated so you can polish the silver, as well.   Now, of course, you are wondering what anti-tarnish silver cloth has to do with gifts for teenage girls.  No, the girl in question is not enslaved as a scullery maid to some draconian feudal lord with a large silver service (despite what she might think).

The (dare I say cool?) zippered Jewelry Bag

I made a zippered jewelry bag, and lined it with the anti-tarnish fabric.

And  with a few cuts with the pinking shears, voila:

Complete with polishing cloth

To demonstrate that we are thorough here on Slow and Sew, I took a scrap of the polishing cloth to see if it really worked, and pulled out my favorite silver earrings, which were woefully neglected.  A little elbow grease was applied, and here are our test results:

Product testing, before gifting...

I am pleased to say that the polish cloth does remove the tarnish from the silver without much difficulty.  (I’m happy to be wearing these earrings again, too.  They are the perfect accessory for drive-by gifting later today.)

While I know that many of my readers will be wishing I’d drive by with one of these little zipper bag ensembles this afternoon, I am not sure how this will go over with its intended recipient.  I understand that the appreciation of this gift may take a bit longer to develop in her than the “Wow!  Coooool!” that it might receive by my posse of quilting friends.   So, as Cool Aunt Jen, I am not putting all of my eggs in this basket.   I decided to create an insurance gift, also in way cool fabric:

The modified Wonder Wallet

Experienced sewists will nod knowingly at a go-to classic, Lazy Girl Designs’ Wonder Wallet.  I modified this to have a zippered pocket on the inside for the change purse section.  And, of course, I loaded it with a few goodies:

and the deal is sweetened just a bit.

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