And Now for More Bacon

This Saturday morning I woke up at a leisurely hour, and after providing some advice on a recipe I’ve never actually made to a friend in Oklahoma, I decided it was time to light a fire, and get going.  It was time to smoke the bacon.  We were having what I thought was a calm sunny day here in the banana belt of Minnesota, and it was high time to add some extra flavor to the maple bacon that I started curing here.

Step One.  Soak the wood chips.

Obviously, for the maple cured bacon, the smoke must be maple, right?

I put them in hot water, given the 15 degree F temperature outside

Step Two.  Prep the meat.

Rinsed of the cure and dried, ready for the smoker

Step Three.  Light the fire in the smoker.

Get that fire going... (and keep it going)

Step Four.  Put the meat in the smoker.

Time to get some pellicle and smoke on

Step Four Point Five.  Keep fire going, make coffee, do 2k ergometer test, check fire, wait longer.

Step Five. Take smoked meat out of smoker.  Admire handiwork.

Can you smell it? Click for a larger photo.

Step Six.  Cool meat, wrap, and freeze, so it will be easier to slice and package for Bacon Valentines.   Sisters (and Brothers) of Bacon, if you haven’t given me your mailing address by February 5th, you won’t get to share the love.  Just saying.

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One Response to And Now for More Bacon

  1. Joel says:

    Loving your smoker – we’ve seen one here in Delhi as well, though the price was astronomical (it was German though, so there’s that, I guess). Are you posting any erg times/distances on the Concept2 site? I’m hooked now. Thanks!

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