New Year, New Vest

Happy New Year!  I’m spending my time sewing on my holiday from work.  While most of my sewing has been gift or quilt related, I have spent the past two days working on some clothing.  I love vests, and I wear them often.  I like a vest as an option that is slightly less warm than a jacket, but still has a jacket-like style.  I’ve made several vests that zip up, based on the same pattern, the appropriately named Zip-up Vest from Favorite Things.

Hand-dyed Italian cotton, with silk yoke

This hand-dyed cotton has been in my stash for more than two years.  I bought it in a store in Minneapolis that has since closed, planning on making it into some kind of jacket.  I then spent a great deal of time trying to find an appropriate jacket pattern, and the perfect jacket pattern didn’t materialize. The fabric sat around maturing in my stash while I was looking for the right project, or at least the right time.  This weekend was when sewing time and desire for a wardrobe update converged.

I put the pockets on the inside of this vest.  I often put patch pockets on the outside of these vests, but I didn’t have enough of the hand dyed cotton to make pockets, and I didn’t have matching zippers to make zippered pockets.  Thus, two six inch square pockets on the lining.  We’ll see how useful they turn out to be in practice.

Indoor pockets, probably for the iPod

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