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So someone is screaming loudly, causing a racket, making everyone feel nervous, causing people from far and wide to stare…..   The next thing you know, our screamer is wrapped up tightly, with arms pinned to sides, and suddenly the screaming starts to wane.    If this happens to an adult, we’re considering packing the now quiet screamer off to the loony bin.  But if it’s an infant, we expect the little darling to sleep more soundly, and be perfectly fine.  And the term for the wrapping up of the baby has a more pleasant name:  swaddling.  Seems a lot less ominous and imposing than straightjacket.   As someone who occasionally wants to scream her head off, but so far has avoided the orderlies, I find some humor in this.  Dark humor, perhaps, but humor nonetheless.

baby snuggler

Snuggler or Straightjacket? You decide.

Since swaddling is an acceptable practice… people tell me the babies LIKE it… and I wanted to make something for a colleague who is the father of a newborn, I made what the pattern refers to as a Baby Snuggler.  See?  The name even suggests loving care when wrapping the kid in a straightjacket!  It’s all about the branding, evidently. It certainly looks cute.

Baby Snuggler, open. Insert Baby and Wrap.

I found this pattern by Lotta Jansdotter on the web, and printed it out on my printer.  Through my stash organization, I found some cozy white flannel for the lining, and some green batik (still leftover from the choir stoles project) for the outside.  For a nice 1980s preppy touch, I used pink hook and loop fastener.

This was an easy sewing project, and it probably took me about 2 hours to make, once I managed to tape the pattern pieces together correctly.   The pattern calls for fleece on the inside, but seeing how warm it has been this winter, I think the flannel will make it more seasonal… the forecast is for 76 degrees tomorrow.  Here’s hoping it goes over well.

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